Idiosys Technologies | White space – Important part of web design
15 Dec, 2017

“White space” is very common term in the designing industry. In web design terms, it’s the space between graphics, columns, images, text, margins and other elements.  Even though we call it white space, it doesn’t mean the actual space must be white. The blank space may be filled with any colour as long as it is free of any elements like text or images. It is the space left untouched in order to smooth things out and transform a page into something elegant. It is also the blank space that reminds us that simpler designs are beautiful and that we don’t need to create a layout filled with text and graphical elements to deliver a clear and direct message.
Speeds up interaction: Whitespace is key to get the message through and to make the visitor act on it. At its heart, it’s a matter of clarity and incentive: The users should see where to go, and be given a reason to take action. Web visitors are typically in a hurry and don’t enjoy searching for the content they want. Instead, to accelerate and increase interactions, proper using of white space in your page design prevents distractions that slow the visitor down.

Create the feeling of sophistication: The generous use of white space can even contribute to the desired brand positioning. Usually extensive white space in their marketing material to tell they’re high quality products.

Avoid fuzzy expressions: Like the every industry adopted changes, web design industry also break some myth and transform to new era. In recent times white space isn’t neat or nice; it’s effective and valuable. Fewer alternatives look tidier, but more importantly, they can lead to more interaction. Generous padding around links and CTAs doesn’t just make them look better; it makes visitors more likely to click on them. Proper line height is not lavish extravagance, but helps ensure that users read the message or content are related to user experience.
The most important thing to remember about designing for the web designer is that you always want to deliver a great product to your clients. The way to do this is to properly use whitespace to give your client’s readers the best experience you can so that they keep coming back for more. If your project is an e-commerce site, you want the user to be able to navigate the site easily so that they keep buying products. If your project is a blog or news website, you want the user to enjoy reading so they can browse the articles without leaving the page. No matter what type of content the website is intended for, it’s important to use whitespace to keep the navigation clear and smooth, and to make sure the reader’s experience continues very smoothly.
From the point of web designer main goal is to make the web look simple and smoothing for web visitors. We need to develop layouts that are easy on the eyes and that make people want to keep reading. Designers need to create simple designs, even if the task of creating something simple is very complex.

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