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Event Booking Website

Overview of NIH Event Booking Website

In 2020 Ministry of AYUSH has been kind enough to let NIH organise World Homoeopathy Day at Kolkata, the cradle of Homoeopathy in India. On the occasion of WHD-2020, NIH, jointly organised the event with Central Council for Research in Homoeopathy, is organising an International Homoeopathic Conference on 10th and 11th April 2020 at Biswa Bangla Convention Centre, New Town, Kolkata, a unique centre with world class amenities.

The official website, designed by Idiosys Technologies, features a simple UI and a high level of security. It allows delegates to register online, make payments, submit papers, and view advertisements. Idiosys Technologies also helped with social media exposure by creating animation videos, social graphics, and more.


Event Booking Website

Technology Stack

  • yii development service
  • Mysql

Project Synopsis

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> Seamless registration process for delegates and traders.
> Secure payment process for delegates fees and trader advertisement booking
> Paper / Poster submission module for delegates for the conference.

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> Timeline: The client faced a delay in developing the website due to their previous vendor's failure to deliver on time. They asked us to finish the site in a fraction of the time by working around the clock.


> Scalability: Ensuring the website could handle a large influx of users during peak times without compromising performance or crashing.

> Data Security: Safeguarding sensitive attendee information, payment details, and conference content from potential cyber threats and breaches.

> User Experience: Designing an intuitive and user-friendly interface that accommodates different user types and ensures smooth navigation.

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> 4X Effort Engagement: We deployed a large team of experts to develop the website in a fraction of the time, along with QA and business analyst involvement from the start. We managed to launch a functional site in a very short time.


> Cloud-Based Hosting: Utilizing robust cloud hosting services to ensure scalability and handle high traffic loads during peak conference times.

> SSL Encryption: Implementing SSL encryption to secure data transmission between users and the server, safeguarding sensitive information.
Content Delivery Network (CDN): Utilizing CDN to distribute multimedia content efficiently, reducing load times and ensuring smooth streaming and downloads.

> DDoS Protection: Implementing DDoS mitigation services to protect against potential distributed denial-of-service attacks, ensuring uninterrupted access.


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Key Features of NIH Event Booking Website

Event Registration
Event Registration
Seamless and secure registration process for attendees, including ticket purchasing, payment processing, and confirmation emails.
Mobile Accessibility
Mobile Accessibility
Responsive design ensures a seamless experience on smartphones and tablets.
Advertisement Booking
Advertisement Booking
We develop an online advertisement booking system for advertising in seminar halls, conference halls, and other available places in the conference. The trader can register for advertisement purposes and book space in advance.
Communication Emails
Communication Emails
The system enables administrators to communicate with users about their bookings and update their status. Users will receive email notifications about any changes in their booking status, ensuring timely and accurate information.
Refund Management
Refund Management
The system offers a smooth refund process that allows administrators to issue partial or full refunds for any booking. The refund process is controlled by the administrators and can be applied to any booking type.

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