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Affiliate Marketing Service

Affiliate Marketing Service

We offer result-based Affiliate Marketing Service

Have you ever heard of Affiliate Marketing before? Have you ever tried to implement an affiliate marketing program for your business? Often affiliate marketing can seem complex and confusing - but it doesn’t have to be. Allow IDIOSYS to handle the management of your affiliate marketing program, and see how easy it can become

An affiliate is basically a sales representative for a firm or merchant. They earn money by referring traffic towards a specific website, or convincing customers to subscribe to a weekly or monthly newsletter. An affiliate’s earnings are directly related to performance. The more customers they bring to a firm, the higher commission they receive. This is an interesting marketing technique that many companies have now successfully employed. However, the affiliate’s honesty is pivotal - it is effective only if it is carried out transparently. There are many pitfalls for companies who are new to affiliate marketing but thankfully IDIOSYS can address your concerns

In this regard, our primary service is ‘affiliate management’ Under the terms of this service, we manage your affiliate for you. You can assign them responsibility and then leave everything else to us. We monitor how they are performing and then what commission they have fairly earned at the end of the day. We track and monitor all affiliate progress to determine whether they are being honest with your company. We provide detailed budgetary reporting which can help you decide if they deserve the specified amount or not. Throughout this process, you have the final say - we just facilitate the process on your behalf

Our IT experts can track down your affiliate’s performance within seconds. We will provide you with a written report at the end of every month so that you can monitor affiliate performance yourself. We will always be there to support you - let us do the work for you and you will notice the immediate improvement in your business.

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