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08 May, 2019

An online presence can take your business to a new level, where you will be able to compete in the global and local market by generating new leads from a huge number of potential customers. Today, every person irrespective of their age is glued to the internet and perhaps the best way to reach out to them is via launching a website or a mobile application. Business promotion scenario has evolved since the past two decades with online marketing or digital marketing and if you have been thinking of availing a reliable digital marketing service for your business, you would need to research about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to find out the best SEO company providing top-notch services at a nominal budget.


This article is dedicated to all entrepreneurs or business owners, who are searching for SEO services for the growth of their reputed business. Developing websites or applications may sound difficult for them but it is quite easy a task for the SEO experts due to their excellent skill and great experience in the particular domain. An SEO expert will always research about your company, search for the potential of your products and find out online tricks to be applied further while developing the website or the application. These steps are crucial and when executed properly, you finally have a better online presence. As a result, you will be able to beat the touch competition and win in the long run. So, before you hire an SEO company, let us discuss about the criteria of choosing the best one.


Aspects of SEO Success:


SEO is a long time process that improves a website by improving its rank in search result pages when the users search by typing specific words and phrases. Based on different aspects, the SEO success can be determined. Though there are several aspects of SEO, here are some of the most important ones.


1. Targeting Traffic: In SEO, content and other tools are used to target potential traffic for any website or application. When it comes to the advertisements, the inbound and outbound marketing strategies work in two opposite ways to target traffic. The first one lets the ad reach to only potential viewers whereas the outbound strategy lets the ad reach every viewer irrespective of choices. As per the demand of the company, the SEO specialist chooses the best strategy to target website traffic.


2. Increased Ranking: As a result of perfect traffic targeting, the ranking of the website is bound to increase. A higher ranking means people are landing on the web pages related to their search and spending time to view the website. When people are interested in the company or the products, they end up buying. With a reliable online presence, sticking to the old customers and finding new customers was never this easy before.


3. Customer Satisfaction: Most of the websites and applications incorporate a space where the customers can write their reviews or give suggestions. The websites also contain contact pages where the customers can get the mail id, store location or mobile number of the companies. This involvement creates a genuine bond between the company and the customers, which results in utmost satisfaction of the customers.


4. Improved Sales: When all the above points are checked, it will show an outstanding improvement of the sales. If the company has an e-commerce website where one can purchase products online, the companies benefit hugely due to the above reasons. If the company has an online presence with offline stores, SEO helps in finding new customers and branding in a smarter way. Both the ways, the sales is improved as the final result.


  • How to Choose SEO Company:


You can choose an SEO company based on your preference and based on certain USPs of the company. Here are the best tips for that.


1. Meeting Your SEO Goals: Look for an SEO company that is dedicated in meeting your SEO goals. By fixing an appointment or booking a consultation, you can get an idea on how the company works. If the company is eager to know about your requirements and do research about the same, you know that the result is going to be a positive one. Do not worry about the charges as many companies provide free consultation or appointment at a nominal budget.


2. Regular Data Tracking: Once they begin working on your project, make sure that they track every data related to your website or application that includes phone calls, messages, contact forms, site visits, click through rates and others. Data tracking is an integral part of the SEO services that determine further development of the project.


3.Customized Services: Though the basic tools of SEO is common in every project, the best SEO experts will always try to find out the most suitable solutions for your specific requirements. This is one step higher than meeting your SEO goals and customized services require long experience and an excellent skill of the SEO expert. The more experienced the expert is or the more the expert is eager to experiment, the chances of getting benefit are higher.


4.Budget-Friendly Service: It is true that a cheap service can lead you to a poor one in every domain. A professional SEO service requires amazing skills of the experts and the SEO company and this is the reason they may charge high if seen from your perspective. Still, the money you spend for SEO is worth as it will earn you good revenues in the long run by improving sales. Many SEO companies provide outstanding services at a nominal budget and you need to look for the same.


5. Meeting Work Deadlines: Though SEO is a long term process that requires patience, the agency you choose to hire will give you deadlines for meeting the same and will also give you estimation for the success of the service. The service may take as long as six months to be completed and you need to keep contacting them to give you feedback related to the service process.


6. Assured Result within Six Months: As the requirements differ from one company to the other, the tenor of the service depends upon it. The more complicated the service is, the more time it requires to be completed. An average time period can be approximately six months and you need to see whether the work progress is able to meet the same.


7. Knowing Company USPs: A certified SEO company may have a website where you will be able to see the USPs mentioned. If not, you can take the help from the testimonials or the reviews. In the consultation or the appointment, ask the experts frankly about their USPs and then you can come to a fare decision.


8. Reading Company Reviews: It is beneficial to always ask the SEO companies to provide you client feedbacks or reviews before you decide to appoint them for your project. Client feedbacks will help you to understand the different aspects of the services they provide, helping you decide whether you are going to hire them or not.


9. Uninterrupted Communication: When you appoint any SEO company, see if they are providing an uninterrupted communication related to their services. Answering their queries, listening to their problems and helping them to find a solution for the same is your responsibility. If you appoint an overseas SEO company, you need to check if they are keeping good communication with you and following up with you properly.


10. Work Hour Specifications: Overseas SEO companies may have different time zone and they might have a different working hour. Fix the meeting schedule according to your convenience and have patience when you are unable to reach them. Their responsibility is to adhere to your terms and work accordingly.


Above are the ten tips for hiring an SEO company for your online marketing. Hire SEO expert to see excellent improvement in your business promotion and sales. If you have any queries related to the SEO services in Kolkata, feel free to contact us. We are one of the leading SEO companies located in Kolkata and having a presence in the overseas. With our reputed clients from across the globe, we are growing fast to evolve new technologies into our various services related to digital marketing and SEO. You can easily contact us by call, mail or message. Please see our contact page for further details.