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04 Apr, 2019

Service-based applications have become an integral part of software development, thanks to the highly advanced technologies that help the developers worldwide to create easy and budget-friendly services. Offering an application runtime environment, Node.js lets the developers to create service based applications using JavaScript. It has its exclusive I/O model that makes development easy by providing real-time scalable solutions, which has made Node.js a highly recommended technology for avant-garde web development.


All the reputed enterprises, medium scale companies as well as startups are now looking for such advanced technologies like Node.js that allow multiple events to run under a single thread. Moreover, Node.js is extremely lightweight to handle heavy workloads with huge input-output data. It also enables non-blocking (I/O method) in an effective way. Here are the reasons why we believe that Node.js is a superior technology and perhaps the best choice for service-based applications. Read on to know about all the benefits of Node.js that are rare to be found from any other service-based technology.


Real Time Applications: Managing a high volume of messages in apps is possible with Node.js that applies the Real Time Applications to develop those apps. For apps that highly require real-time application to run instant messaging or live chats smoothly, Node.js makes a perfect choice. Also, for people want to create video conference apps, gaming apps or e-commerce transaction software, Node.js makes a suitable choice.


Huge Community: Node.js boasts a huge community that is rapidly increasing and the developers can find solutions quickly once they get connected to the community. The Node.js community is an advanced one that adopted the IoT technology comprising more than 80 packages. The packages integrated with Arduino controllers and other methods are allowing the developers more flexibility in terms of programming. Also, Node.js offers packages suitable for the devices that are Pebble and Fitbit wearable. These are widely used in all IoT systems.


Fast & Effective Operation: In apps where there is a need for fast and scalable operation, Node.js can be a suitable choice. The low response time makes this technology a perfect one as the apps would be able to handle process requests faster. Modern web applications require aspects like sharing validation code between the server and the client ad Node.js fulfils this demand.


Lower Development Cost: With Node.js, the development team can use the same language from both back and front ends. This enhances the effect by letting the teamwork in a cross-functional and fast method. As a result of the cross-functional method, the budget for the entire project becomes a nominal one.


Easy Coding: Since JavaScript is one of the most popular languages for the engineers worldwide, the application codebase is easier for their understanding. The developers also find coding extremely easy using the JavaScript languages that reduce the chances of confusion or error.


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