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Best Technology to create News Agency Website
13 Oct, 2018

The top news agency websites across the world use the best technologies to ensure huge data recorded daily without slowing down the speed. For news agencies, it is important to use.


1. latest technologies:  So as to make the website accessible to a huge number of visitors. This will not only improve the website performance, but will also make it popular amongst the readers.If you are planning to create a website for the e-paper of your news agency, the technologies we are discussing here are going to provide you with a compact understanding of how these work and manage the network speed of the big news agencies as well as the start ups. A comparative analysis of these technologies will let you choose the most suitable one for your purpose. Most of these technologies are budget and user friendly.


2. Angular Js:  This technology is used by some of the best news agencies and e commerce websites to manage huge data in an organized way. It is a front-end JavaScript enabled framework that allows HTML tagging. Angular Js is found most suitable for the single page websites. It is made the most convenient for the user as it makes the page auto updated when new update appears and there is no need to reload the page. News agencies like The Guardian, some famous portals like PayPal and mailing platforms Gmail use this technology.


3. React Js:  As one of the latest frameworks, Reach Js is a JavaScript enabled library most convenient for the user’s end. It keeps data in such an organized way that the technology automatically tracks states without letting the user trace the program flow. Some famous news agencies like BBC, Bleacher report and social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram use React Js to maintain a large number of subscribers.


4. Node Js: As one of the fastest programs, Node Js allows the user to make a compact web profile for the news, social networking and banking platforms. It uses modules to reduce the difficulty and complexity of news channel and other writing websites. News agencies like Wall Street Journal use Node Js to manage large data in a compact program.


5. Mongo Db:  This technology stores data in utmost flexible manner so that the user can modify it later without any trouble. It is a user-friendly platform with features like horizontal scaling and geographic distribution of data, to name a few.  Mango Db provides the option to choose and apply from more than 10 languages of web development. Top websites like Business Insider, The Royal Bank of Scotland and Explara are developed using this database.


6. WordPress:  It is a content management system (CMS) that is open-source and free. Though most suitable for blogging, WordPress can be the most convenient platform for the start up news agencies. It provides various themes and features to make the website mobile friendly and fast. Consulting a WordPress web developer would serve the purpose the best as it would ensure that all the SEO strategies are correctly applied.


7. MySQL:  As an open-source relational database management system, it allows the agencies to design their website focusing on simplicity and usability. This platform is suitable for creating website for News agency  that is at the start-up level. The secure codes of this platform can be accessed by adhering to the T&C of GNU General Public License.These technologies are sure to make your e-news paper look and perform better. You can consult the web developing and digital marketing agencies for a professional service.