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13 Jan, 2021

Cross-platform app development makes a great way to create versatile business apps. If you are planning to develop a business app, the first thing you need to ensure is that it is accessible from multiple mobile operating systems. Now, when it comes to choosing the cross-platform tool or framework, any app development company would suggest you choose React Native. As you don’t know the reasons for this preference and sceptical about this choice, you won’t be able to make the most of it.

Hence, we have come up with this post to describe you the benefits that you can earn from React Native. Here are the top 8 reasons to choose React Native for cross-platform app development.

Since the cross-platform apps can be used on multiple mobile operating systems, these are chosen by the business firms worldwide. When it comes to choosing a suitable cross-platform framework for your business app, options are plenty. React Native is one of the highly recognized frameworks for more than one reason. So, before we explain to you all these reasons, let’s check out some important information.


About React Native:


  • React Native was initiated in 2015.
  • React Native was first applied to native iOS, Android, Universal Windows and iOS apps.
  • It became very popular among the highly skilled developers for its advanced integration.
  • A native framework is the one, which uses a single code base for various platforms.
  • Today, over 25 K apps across the globe use React Native technology.
  • React Native is configured with platform-specific languages such as Objective C or Swift for iOS, Java and Android.
  • It offers a JavaScript library to the developers, making the development process user friendly.
  • One must consider that the development process is like the native frameworks and not like hybrid ones.
  • React Native doesn’t support HTML5, which is supported by most of the hybrid app frameworks.

Top 8 Reasons to Choose React Native for Cross-Platform App Development:


  1. Speed of Development: Agility and speed make React Native the first choice among developers. Moreover, you get maximum output with minimum efforts while using this framework. This framework reduces the development efforts by almost 50% without any compromise on quality.

  2. Easy to Learn: Training on javascript is required to get proficient with React Native. If you are good at javascript, learning code with React Native is very easy. This is the main reason why this framework is popular among programmers. You can easily hire app developer for your project as well.

  3. Third-party Plugins: Maintained by Facebook, React Native provides third-party plugins. Hence, it offers a big JavaScript Library that minimizes workflow and enhances the app performance in the long run. You can rely on it to develop your mobile app that is simple and unique.

  4. Emphasizes User Interface: React Native is among those frameworks that emphasize user interface. It basically looks more like a JavaScript library than a framework. As a result, programmers are able to build highly responsive, faster, and smoother apps.

  5. Personalization: For business analysts and product managers, React Native is the best framework as it opens up a world of possibilities for them. For digital transformation, personalization is very important and React Native is one of those apps that allow you to deliver a personalized user experience to individual users on the same application.

  6. Ease of Transformation: As a modular and intuitive framework, React Native allows programmers to reuse the code with a single update. Hence, the developers find it easier to use the same backend code for creating a mobile app and detecting bugs between codebases.

  7. Faster MVP Development: As React Native offers pre-built components, third-party plugin support, code reusability, simplified UI, a vast collection of libraries, MVP development can be faster than any other framework. As a result, you can save a lot of time and money.

  8. Cross-Platform Support: For the implementation and execution of ReactJS, React Native takes advantage of Facebook’s UI library. Hence, React Native makes a one-stop solution to make your app development easier, faster and hassle-free.

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