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online streaming platform development
13 May, 2020

The ongoing Covid-19 lockdown has led to unending anxieties in the world of art. Within all the forms of art, performance art like theatre and visual art like cinema are two forms that depend upon the association with people very closely. Audiences are the main sources of revenue for both the forms and a complete lack of it has shattered the fraternity to the core. However, both cinema and theatre are trying the virtual space to sustain in the long run. Although virtual space is a great way to sustain the form, it can never be an alternative to the real charm of live theatre or theatre screening.


The Concept of Online Streaming:


The concept of online streaming platforms is not new today. It was launched almost a decade back and today, it has gained immense popularity. While there are the most popular apps like Netflix and Amazon Prime, there are also newly emerged apps like Mega Shows. The online streaming channels are developed by the software developers keeping in mind the specific features required. In online streaming platform development is becoming a lucrative and attractive business proposition eve more since the lockdown days. There are strict regulations for the viewers in theatre and on top of it, people fearing the chances of contamination are prone to stick to the online streaming apps more these days. As a result, all the upcoming cinemas are going to be released on these apps.


The Online Streaming Business Opportunities:


On the other hand, online streaming platforms can be a very good choice for the people looking for a new online business. More than any other website or apps, online streaming platforms have the potential to attract traffic by providing compelling video content. There can be numerous subjects in online streaming platform videos as well. Starting from educational, the videos can be for marketing or entertainment purposes depending upon the choices and preferences of the owner. While most of the streaming platforms are related to entertainment, some platforms are dedicated to professional videos, user-generated content, or live streaming of both.


The Future of Online Streaming Platform in India:


Streaming platforms are easily developed by the app and web developers, who know each and every aspect of this platform. The concept of live streaming is known as over-the-top or OTT distribution. In OTT streaming, the content is delivered directly to viewers without the need to stream through a channel or a distributor. There are numerous benefits of OTT distribution over the other types of streaming and today, the benefits are more. By providing the viewers with the easiest interface and experience, online streaming apps are proving to be one of the best choices of global viewers. Hence, the future of online streaming channels is brighter, without a single doubt.


Benefits of Online Streaming Post Covid-19:


If you try to analyze the advantages of live streaming platforms from the viewers’ point of view, you will be able to understand the ultimate benefit of the online streaming platform development. The viewers can access these platforms from anywhere, only they need a good internet connection. Secondly, they do not have to make an effort for the time-consuming downloads. However, developing a platform for video streaming is way more complicated than creating a website or app. It is time-consuming as well. The reason is that the streaming websites work in a distinct way to stream videos. It has a technology that breaks up the videos into smaller files and reassembles them instantly when a viewer starts watching it. The three main components of a streaming website are the server, the distribution method and the user-facing access point. Apart from it, a streaming website has many more aspects similar to any other website.


Nitty-Gritty of Online Streaming Platform:


To make your website stream friendly, all you need to do is contact the developers for online streaming platform development. You need to consider what features you like in your website and discuss it with the development team about the same. Now, it is obvious that a streaming video website will contain plenty of video functionality. Apart from it, a streaming platform needs good user support, security encryption, reliable content delivery, creator customization and management networks. These are essential to make online streaming a seamless experience for the viewers. There is more nitty-gritty of an online streaming platform that your developers will remind you.


About Online Streaming Platform Development:


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