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22 May, 2019

Online marketing is helping businesses grow rapidly by making them appear in front of a larger number of customers worldwide. Besides giving the brands an opportunity to promote themselves through multiple tools, online marketing has also been proven in generating sales at a high scale. Hence, if you are planning to create or manage your business website to make sure you win the race, you need to know certain key aspects of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) before availing any professional service. This article explains the usage and benefits of Google posts, thereby making you understand why Google Posts are essential in your SEO strategy.


Among the most crucial online marketing strategies, Google post has become quite popular today, thanks to the skilled SEO experts who have implemented the latest technologies and researches to achieve success with this tool. Though Google post didn’t gain much traction right after it was incepted, today it has become one of the most important elements of SEO. An SEO expert from any online marketing company will be able to guide you through the benefits of Google posts. Hire SEO company that provides professional services in online marketing and SEO at a budget-friendly cost.


What is Google Post?


When Google post was incepted in 2016, it was assumed to be not so important. In the last two years, Google post is changing the scenario of SEO, VEO and the overall content strategy by taking it to another level. Google Post is a feature that enables anyone (with a verified Google my business account) to develop content on Google, which appears in high ranking in the Google search engine result page when the related topics are searched. These posts contain one hundred to three hundred words content accompanied by pictures or a short video. Google posts are useful for brand promotion, sales promotion and events at the local stores. As the posts get automatically deleted after a span of even days (except the event posts), the brands can post fresh content via Google posts on a regular basis. With the newly announced ‘call to action’ option, Google Posts are going to make the businesses globally popular.


Importance of Google Posts in SEO:


It is needless to say that Google posts are most essential in your business’s SEO strategy today as it enables you to promote your business in multiple ways. By letting the name of your business appear in the search engine result page, it helps you to reach out to the local customers. Let us now see what are the multiple aspects of Google posts, which can improve your overall SEO strategy.


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1. Promote Brand: The first advantage of Google Posts is that you can show people the personality of your business. By introducing your company profile to the viewers, you can easily promote your brand in the global market and take an advanced step in beating the competition with the potential competitors.


2. Show Messages: Many companies leave short messages, greetings or holiday posts to the viewers via Google Post and this definitely helps in attracting new customers as well as sticking to the old customers in the market. A little fun or a humble message can help in growing faith of the customers upon your business and this can help in the growth of sales.


3. Pictures & Videos: As the Google Post enables the businesses to post pictures and video ads, it helps them to promote their brand in the most advanced way. No doubt images or videos are the best ways to grab the attention of the viewers today; you can use attractive images and interesting videos that highlight the USPs of your business.


4. Increase Traffic: Google posts have been proven to increase website traffic at a high scale as it gives the companies an opportunity to show up with some new content every week. Hence, you can use it in your SEO strategy by presenting a hint of the ‘what’s new’ section along with an interesting content.


5. Reduce Bounce Rates: Google Posts can help in reducing bounce rates. This is a sign of better SEO service as this increases leads and promotes your name by focusing on your particular agenda. If you see certain website pages of yours having very low ranking, the best way to improve the leads is to promote them via interesting Google Posts.


6. Improve Sales: If you hire a Best Social Media marketing company to avail SEO service, they will explain to you the best strategies via Google posts to improve your business sales. If you own an e-commerce website, you can launch posts related to the USPs of your products or focus upon the benefits of online shopping. This will attract more customers towards your brand and the sales will see rapid growth in the coming days.


7. Generate Backlinks: One of the best ways to generate backlinks is to take Google posts very seriously. Yes, posts are a great way to highlight upon the most valuable content for your business and this can help people who want to know about your company in detail. As a result, the backlinks to your website will be generated.


8. CTA: Everything depends on the content you are posting and Google posts are no exception. You can let your SEO strategy work in the smartest way by adding some compelling call to action in your Google Post, which will attract viewers and thereby gather a huge number of conversions.


9. Google My Business page: Google has launched a new feature that is improving the SEO via Google Posts. The new ‘follow’ button within Google Maps is a great way to improve your Google My Business listings. When someone chooses to follow your business, they get a notification every time you update the Google My Business page. Delivering ranking signals to Google will be more effective and improved with Google My business post.


Some Essential Tips:


1. Keeping the word limit within one hundred will make the content look compact and this will also increase the viewers’ attention towards reading it.


2. Keeping the tone conversational and using simple words will improve the quality of the word content as usually, people are interested in polite and crisp content.


3. Include the most searched keywords in the word content as that would help in the SEO.


4. Before uploading the images, go through the A/B test to see the click-through rates and select images accordingly.


5. Make sure that the images are approximately 750 x 750px in size and they are centered. This will keep the subject intact even if the image is cropped.


6. Be regular in posting as the posts last for only seven days. Contacting with your SEO team, you can make new experimentation with the implementation of the latest strategies.


7. With the external tools like Sendible, now you can schedule your posts. So, prepare the ads in advance to ensure the consistency.


Above are the best SEO strategies explained that can improve your business via Google Posts. If you are looking for an SEO company that provides all kinds of SEO services for business, you are on the right page. We are one of the highly acclaimed SEO companies in India providing online marketing services to our reputed clients all over the world. Our clients from India, Australia, Germany, Canada, USA, Panama, Brazil and Bangladesh have acclaimed us as the best SEO company in India. We strive in providing you top-notch service at an affordable budget within the discussed deadline.