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HR management software
06 Nov, 2019

The relationship between HR management and modern technology has strengthened more in 2019. The latest innovations in software development have made it possible to create flawlessly effective HR management software for your company. HR management is a vast sector that deals with loads of work, and there are different wings or departments within this platform. The HR manager is the professional, who manages all these work and the entire workflow singlehandedly. Hence, with the advanced software, the work has become faster and way easier.


If you are searching for the best HR software available today, there are plenty of options. To narrow down the search, you need to know about the latest features of the software. Here, we will explain the ten must-have features of your HR software, which will ensure optimum productivity.

1. Employee Profile: This one makes the first and foremost feature of HR software in 2019. The employee profile lets you have complete information about every employee, such as the home address, contact number, previous work experience, annual income, and many more. This information is crucial for the HR department, and when single software can store such valuable data in the most organic way, the entire work becomes stress-free.


2. Employee Attendance Management: Keeping employee attendance record is mandatory for the HR department. Today, the advanced technology lets you and the employee register for leaves to keeps the attendance record easily. Hence, this one makes a must-have in your HR management software.


3. Employee Asset Management: It is the responsibility of the HR department in a company to keep a record of office and employee assets. Therefore, the employees need prior permission from the HR team to carry personal gadgets like phones and laptops inside the office. Today, the HR management software is integrated to keep a record of these valuable things.


4. Leave Calculation: Employee leave calculation is a crucial responsibility of the HR management in any company, be it a startup, an NGO, or a large scale enterprise. Previously, the HR professionals had to register the leave record and do all calculations manually on the computer. Today, one can do it easily with the leave calculation feature.


5. Performance Evaluation: This one makes an essential feature of any HR management software. The performance evaluation can be easily done using the software today, and therefore, it promotes accurate and timely evaluation.


6. Time Tracking: This feature ensures that the employees are maintaining their scheduled working hours on a daily basis. Time tracking has been an essential feature in most of the HR management software today, and you need it for sure to improve productivity.

7. Analytics & Reporting: Organizing data into informational summaries have become way easier with the advanced HR software. Now, you can access the same when you have advanced HR management software.

8. Learning Management: Designing pedagogic strategies is a part of the HR department course of work, and the new and advanced HR software makes the entire work extremely easier. Some of the pioneer institutes ensure this feature in all HR software they use.


9. Payroll Management: Now, when it comes to payroll management, accomplishing the work without using the software is impossible today, since the strength of the company has grown bigger. Thanks to the HR management software that is integrated with this feature.


10. Recruiting Tracking: It is one of the primary tasks of the HR team, and the advancement in software development also ensures you have this feature in the one you use.

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