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25 Jan, 2021

In 2021, the demand for web applications has increased to a great extent owing to the growing needs of the users. More and more businesses are employing them in order to deliver a better user experience. This rising demand is not going to fade out anytime sooner and looking at this rising demand, the developers are also continually testing different frameworks for developing apps. These different frameworks basically offer plenty of advanced features to build successful web applications. In this post, we will explore eight such best Nodejs frameworks that are the top choices of a big web development company.

The Node.js user survey report explains the fact that 4 out of 5 back-end and full-stack developers are presently rating Node.js frameworks as their main priority. The chance of using unique toolsets to develop different use cases is helping the developers to save a lot of time, cost and effort. However, when there is a lot of options among Nodejs frameworks, choosing the right framework for your business can be tough. While some of these apps will offer you development freedom, some may support automation. If you are unable to choose the best one, you can take help of this post.


  1. Express.js: Express is at the top of the list by providing you with a minimalistic approach. It is a classic and straightforward framework launched in 2010. This framework doesn’t demand too much knowledge as it requires just a basic understanding of Node.js. Companies like Twitter, Uber, Accenture and much more use this framework for their business apps.

  2. Koa.js: Another dominant framework is Koa, which works wonders in creating different web services. Building APIs is extremely easy and fun with the help of this framework. One of the benefits of using this framework is that you can maintain various forms of content with the same URL. Koa is also very similar to Express when it comes to flexibility.

  3. Meteor- js: This framework is very unique as it uses a single language (Javascript). Launched in 2012, this framework is an open-source, isomorphic, Javascript web framework. This framework is versatile as it is compatible with Android, iOS for mobile devices and desktop applications. There are libraries and testing features for better communication.

  4. is basically a Javascript library that you can use to build real-time apps. You can also establish bidirectional communication between web clients and servers with this framework. This one is the best for developing chat applications like Whatsapp. This one is also the best for real-time analytics in fewer lines of code. 

  5. Nest.js: Building dynamic and scalable enterprise-grade applications are possible with this framework. With its extensive libraries, you get complete flexibility. You can build multilayered enterprise applications with this framework. A web development company may refer to this framework to you because Nest.js won’t stop you from accessing its libraries.

  6. Sails.js: For modernized, data-oriented development, this one makes a perfect choice. This framework is compatible with all databases and therefore, the most suitable framework to build high-end customized applications. As a frontend-agnostic-backend platform, this one is lightweight as well.

  7. Total.js: Total.js is the only framework in the list that offers CMS-like experience. This full-fledged open-source framework can be trusted for giving maximum flexibility to developers. Available in different versions of this framework, you can develop super-fast applications with low maintenance costs.

  8. Hapi.js: As a commercially available server and open-source framework, Hapi is known for developing proxy servers. This framework is reliable and rich when it comes to security aspects. With a lavish set of built-in plugins, you don’t have to worry about using unofficial middleware. 


Now that you know how to choose the best Nodejs frameworks from the above list, go ahead and get the best out of it. To know more about it, feel free to get in touch with us. You can hire a web developer from our company to build modern and high-end apps for your business. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and call us today to know the best deal for you.