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28 Jun, 2021

PHP MVC framework works as an indispensable part of PHP apps and web development. Among all PHP frameworks, Codeigniter and Laravel are considered the most crucial ones. Both are strong competitors in providing customized solutions to developers. Whether you hire dedicated CodeIgniter developer or a Laravel developer, you will get plenty of options for customization. Here, we will make a comparative analysis of both frameworks to make you understand their functionality. Accordingly, you can choose the best-suited framework that caters to your web development needs.


  • What is CodeIgniter Framework?


PHP programming language framework, CodeIgniter comes with elegant and simple toolkits that help you to create full-featured web development applications. Considered as one of the most popular frameworks, it lets the users generate dynamic websites utilizing PHP. While using this framework, you get ample liberty as you don’t need to rely upon the MVC development pattern anymore. Codelgniter sanctions the plugins of third-party so that you can apply complex functionalities with ease. Another aspect to mention is its great data encryption procedures and security.


  • Salient Features of CodeIgniter:
  • Model-View-Controller Based System
  • Full-Featured Database Classes
  • Query Builder Database Support
  • Form and Data Validation
  • Security and XSS Filtering
  • Session Management
  • Email Sending Class


  • Why Use CodeIgniter?


This is one of the most significant questions people ask on the web. First of all, CodeIgniter offers optimum support and stability. It is a well-structured and clear framework that is light in weight. You can easily create documentation in this framework. Secondly, it allows caching of the site for boosted performance where the loading times are simpler than ever. Hence, the routing method is also easy. Thirdly, Codelgniter provides you with active community support where nearly all kinds of framework matters can be discussed. If these reasons are enough, you can find a CodeIgniter development company that provides Codelgniter development service.


  • Which Well-Known Companies Use CodeIgniter for Web Development?


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  • Pros of Codelgniter:


  1. It facilitates the hooks and class extensions
  2. It authenticates the data and forms
  3. The library with image manipulation curriculums
  4. It presents the session management
  5. Extremely lightweight framework


  • Cons of Codelgniter:


  1. Not the best framework for large projects
  2. Source code comes with a very low footprint


  • What is Laravel Framework?


As an open-source PHP framework, Laravel allows full-featured web applications development. The model-view-controller (MVC) architecture of Laravel is based on Symfony. Laravel was first released in 2011 and since then it has successfully made its way to today’s popularity. However, it has extensive language rules that make it a bit complex as compared to the other PHP frameworks. You are allowed to develop extremely powerful web applications using this framework. Moreover, there are expressive tutorials (Laracasts) and documentation provided by this framework. Laravel boasts a huge community that makes your web development easier.


  • Salient Features of Laravel:
  • Supreme quality session control
  • Easy assimilation with Third-Party Libraries
  • Strong Encryption Packages
  • Extensive Language Rules
  • Overloading Capacity
  • Steady Building Tools
  • Why Use Laravel?


Why choose Laravel over the other frameworks is definitely a valid question. First of all, it comes with an autoloading feature that can load itself mechanically. It means that the framework does not require any human intervention. Secondly, the modular packaging with the composer-based dependency manager deserves special mention. Thirdly, the database management system (DBMS) platforms like SQL Server, PostgreSQL, and My SQL are supported by this platform. Fourthly, this framework features a version control system, which makes the streamlined organization of migrations easier than ever. If all the above reasons compel you to choose this framework, go ahead and find a Laravel website development company for your web and app development.


  • Which Well-Known Companies Use Laravel for Web Development?


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  • Pros of Laravel:


  1. It is extremely flexible
  2. It ensures short rapid development time
  3. It can be installed easily
  4. It is suitable for large, complex apps
  5. It is perfect for highly secured websites


  • Cons of Laravel:


  1. Doesn’t allow shared hosting
  2. Database queries


  • What’s the Difference?


  1. Codelgniter follows a model-view-controller (MVC) that supplies an easy on-boarding whereas Laravel follows a model-view-controller (MVC) pattern of filing.
  2. Codelgniter supports PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, and Microsoft BI whereas Laravel supports Microsoft SQL Server, ORACLE, MySQL, IBM DB2, PostgreSQL, JDBC compatible, and orientDB.
  3. Codelgniter does not deliver any inbuilt modularity feature Laravel has inbuilt modularity features.
  4. The template language followed by Codelgniter is PHP proprietary whereas Laravel follows Blade template engine.
  5. Codelgniter is suitable for developing small to medium scale apps whereas Laravel is suitable for large scale apps.


Now that you know everything about Codelgniter and Laravel frameworks, go ahead and choose the best one for your business needs. If you are searching for a well-established web and app development agency, look no further than us. We, Idiosys Technologies, are one of the most eminent web and app development companies across the nation. We provide app development service and marketing solutions to a huge number of multi-national and start-up companies from India, Canada, the USA, Germany, Australia, Brazil, the UK and Panama. You can hire Laravel developer or Codelgniter developer from our company to build modern and high-end apps for your business.