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best task management software
08 Jan, 2019

When it comes to managing a big project for your organization, task management application helps the most in increasing the efficiency level of the entire team. Not only it helps you to keep a regular track on the work, but also makes it easier to find and recover data at times of need. Starting from making the project plan, assigning work to upload, everything is way faster and effective when you have a task manager.


It is essential to opt for a task management application that is budget friendly and simple so that all the team members can have the utmost interface of it. If you are looking for the best task management software, here we can help you find it, depending upon your own requirements. Read on to know about the top 10 task management applications in 2019 chack the features of project management.


1. Task Closet: Is a simple and lifetime free task management application, Task closet is the first preference of many organizations to manage multiple projects in an organized and simplified manner. You can easily plan your project tasks, assign them, update work, upload files, see comments and reply in a user-friendly dashboard. It will ensure increase your team performance with great tools for monitoring employee performance. You can get a clear idea about a team member’s engagement on a particular task and the entire project.


2. Freedcamp: It is a more featured application that enables you to create milestones and calendar to plan any project schedule. Freedcamp lets you to choose from kanban board and standard to-do list to manage large project that requires long time to accomplish. Either opt for the calendar option to fix a deadline, or go for the milestones option to estimate a time frame for your project. Freedcamp is a free task management application unless you upgrade for the access to additional tools.


3. Wrike: If spreadsheet is what you prefer, opt for this application that uses columns to update information and modify them. To update a status for the related work, all you need to do is simply click the arrow option and mark the status. Reminders and the advanced Gantt chart views are the features that will help you track any task you want. This application is free at the basic level, restricted for the usage of up to five users.


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4. Scoro: This one is a little expensive with the free trial version for up to 14 days. If you plan to opt for a paid application packed with most of the advanced features, Scoro makes a worthy choice. You can easily fix work and meeting schedule simultaneously for multiple projects in it and share team calendar for a more efficient performance. The customizable KPI dashboards, file sharing process, invoicing templates are some of the best features to mention.


5. Bitrix24: If your project requires more collaboration within the members, this app is unbeatable as compared to the others. It is equipped with social internet and video conference features that will enable uninterrupted communication within the members. CMR tools will help you manage client relationship while a Gantt chart view will let you track every task faster than ever. This application is also free at the basic level, unless you upgrade it to incorporate additional tools.


6. Asana: Sometimes a complex project plan requires a task manager that will break-up the entire project into small steps and simplify it to the members. Asana is the team management application all you need. It enables you to even break the tasks down into lists and sections so as to manage the work and track it with dashboards. It is packed with better collaboration options for the members to connect. The basic level is for the usage of up to fifteen users.


7. Basecamp: As one of the most popular task management applications, Basecamp really helps in saving time. This application uses the one page design to view all ongoing tasks and update them as well. It is equipped with useful features like message boards, client collaboration, team collaboration, email and desktop notifications. It is a paid application charging on monthly basis and allowing unlimited user interface.


8. Podio: This one can be customized as per your requirement. This feature is the best in Podio when you compare it to the other task management applications. Stylize the project plan, assign work in a more interactive way, drag and drop files to upload, chat effortlessly and track work in the most suitable way you choose. The search feature provided by this app will let you find tasks or files in the easiest manner. The core features of this application are free, restricted for the usage of up to five users.


9. Teamwork Workplace: As the name suggests, this application is designed to accomplish a team work in the most convenient way. It uses milestones instead of the calendar for every task. Hence, you can manage work without making your team members worrying too much about the deadline. Some of the best features of this application are template design, easy status update option, time report export option etc. This application is free for up to two projects.


10. Zoho Projects: This one is also one of the best when it comes to the customizability or flexibility. It includes kanban boards, Gantt charts and task lists that can be used together to manage a single project. The salient features are forum, wiki, discussions, live chat, invoicing and timesheet tools. Moreover, you can work on and save different types of files as the app is integrated with both Google doc and Zoho doc. This application is free for the first project and there are various packages that it offers for further usage.


As you have read about the mostly used task management applications, go for the one that caters to all your requirements. For further help, feel free to contact us. We can find out a low pricing task management application for exactly what you need.