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PHP Framework for Your project
26 Oct, 2018

Today, PHP Framework Development is one of the latest technologies used in web developing, which helps the developer to create any complex website within a short span of time. Besides saving the time, PHP framework is known for its great contribution in saving a lot of effort and leads as well. Hence, if you are planning to create your own website that you want to be compact enough to showcase and promote your brand, the developer will obviously recommend a good PHP framework, which will perhaps be the best in catering to your requirements.


Before opting for any PHP framework, it is important to know about its function so that you can choose from all the best PHP frameworks as per your need. Here we are explaining about the purpose of using PHP frameworks and providing a list with detailed information about the top 8 PHP frameworks available for your better understanding. The next time you meet your web developer, the less complex would be the over-all discussion!


Salient Features of PHP Framework:  The best part of a PHP framework is that it helps creating a complex website in the most simplified way possible. As PHP uses RAD (rapid application development), it reduces a lot of time in the process of web applications development. MVC is the fundamental of PHP framework, which refers to model-view-controller pattern of application. As a result, coding and establishing the database connection with the application becomes fast and easy.


Below are the top 8 PHP frameworks available and used by the best web developers across the globe.


1. Yii Framework:  Topping the list with the others, Yii makes it a superior experience for the developer, manager and user. As one of the oldest frameworks, it has gone through a high modification process to deliver great features like Gii (Yii2.0’s code generator tool), security codes, flexibility, short rapid development time and many more. Moreover, Yii is one of the most secure framwork along with best level performance feature. Therefore, we recommend  yii framework development  to our reputed clients for creating highly secured websites.

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2. Laravel:  As one of the mostly used PHP programs globally, Laravel is perfect for developing complex and large websites. It is a free and open source framework that provides multiple features and expressive tutorials for the developers. The features include its overloading capability, strong encryption packages, clear language rules, steady building tools etc. Packed with such amazing features, Laravel is obviously big in size and low in speed, as compared to the other PHP frameworks. It is recommended to use laravel development service  by professional developers to create a power-packed website.


3. Symphony:  Another most popular PHP framework, Symphony offers flexibility of programming. It allows the developers to decide whether they will use the entire PHP framework or choose from the best PHP functions catering to their needs. The best features of Symphony include built-in testing functionality, easy tutorials, high speed and many more. Symphony is perhaps the most suitable when you need individual components from the entire framework.


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4. Phalcon:  It is a C extension of framework that has its security codes in C language. As a result, it gives a fast rendition, leading to a great user interface. The features of Phalcon are low resource overload, high speed, uncluttered development process, MVC architecture, form builders, template engines, to name a few. Phalcon provides data storage tools such as PHQL and Object Document Mapping for MongoDB. It is recommended for developing both complete web applications and performance REST APIs.


5. Codelgniter:  A very light-weight open source PHP framework, Codelniter allows the developers a hassle free process. It is packed with features like simplified coding, built-in-libraries for form validations and unit testing, customised libraries, extensive documentations, fast installation etc. With Codelgniter, one can develop highly-scalable web applications using a smaller footprint. Therefore, Codeigniter is highly recommended for rapid application development.


6. Zend Framework:  Component-based in nature, Zend framework allows the developers to load only the components they would want as individual libraries. Hence, one can easily reuse their own written codes multiple times in future. Moreover, Zend framework allows the integration with external libraries to develop its functionality better. The best features are MVC architecture, flexibility, security codes and many more. The configuration of Zend is a little complicated when compared to the other frameworks.


7. CakePHP:  Updated with the latest technology, CakePHP is another popular name when it comes to the performance. The salient features are modern framework, conventions in coding, libraries with a huge number of components, extensible architecture and form validation. As the conventions in coding sounds a little difficult for the creative developers, CakePHP is one of the bests when it comes to develop commercial web applications with MIT license.


8. Slim:  As one of the fastest RESTful Frameworks, Slim is quite popular among the developers for its minimal approach. Features include URL handling and routing, HTTP Catching, Flash, fast loadable capacity, extensive documentation and many more. Slim is recommended for developing small and light-weight rest APIs.


When the web development process becomes faster with lowest leads and efforts included, the output is bound to be better than ever. So, when planning for creating a new website, simply rely on the best PHP frameworks configured by your web developer. For more information regarding the PHP frameworks, contact us! We provide web development solutions and PHP Development service that are dedicated to customised services catering to the client’s needs.