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choose AngularJS for Web Applications
11 Dec, 2018

Making an online presence is today one of the most crucial marketing strategies for a business. It not only lets a company reach out to a wider set of people across the globe, but also helps in maintaining relationship with its existing customers. The entire process that leads to the final layout of a company website is called web development. If you want to make a website for your company, the most convenient Web Application development process will be applied by the web developer according to the project plan and budget.


AngularJS is one of the latest frameworks used in web developing, which helps the developer to create any complex website within a very short span of time. As one of the most popular frameworks, AngularJS is dominating the global market at present. Besides saving the time, AngularJS framework is known for its great contribution in saving a lot of effort and leads as well. But, before opting for AngularJS framework, it is important to know about its function and all the benefits as compared with the other web application development frameworks. This blog ensures you with seven reasons for choosing AngularJS over the top web application frameworks.


Incepted in 2009, AngularJS is an open source web development framework. It is developed by Google with collaboration of an individual community of web developers. It is based on HTML (Hyper Text Mark Up Language), JS (Java Script) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheet). Java Script is one of the highly flexible and widely used languages that enable the programmer to code swiftly at ease. With huge resources to understand AngularJS, it is easier for the developer to build front end based web applications. The seven reasons to opt for AngularJS over the other frameworks are as follows.


1. Architecture: The first feature that attracts every web developer towards AngularJS is its MVC architecture. MVC stands for Model View Controller. In AngularJS and other frameworks configured with MVC architecture, the model maintains the data. View operates in displaying the data where as the controller creates the connection between the model and view.


2. Comprehensiveness: With MVC architecture, AngularJS makes it easier to comprehend the framework when it comes to building a front end based web Application with proper utilization of Java Script. In Angular JS, the MVVM design and REST activities enable the developer to connect to the customers in order to collect required information regarding the web page issues. The option of expanding HTML and making it work like XML adds to the comprehensiveness.


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3. High End Performance: Powered with numerous features like Filters, Data Binding, API Client, Scope Management, Animations, Directives, Form Validation, Routing, Content Sanitization and more, Angular JS is one of the most popular choices among the finest web developers. Perhaps the best aspect of Angular JS is that the robustness of this framework never makes it difficult for the developer to operate it. On the contrary, the swift and organized framework enables the developer to create smooth applications in a short span of time.


4. Customised Tags: In every framework, directives enable the developer to change and control the behavior of HTML tags. By changing the behavior of the tags, the developers can easily create customised tags. With a wide range of pre-built directives, Angular JS makes the web developing process the most flexible for the developer by providing the option to transform the functionality of the HTML tags.


5. Dependency Injection: Testing is an integral part of the web developing process. It ensures an error free output of the project on the go. Keeping this in mind, Angular JS is built with dependency injection, which lets the user to inject any sample data and test the output easily. This aspect makes Angular JS one of the best frameworks to work on.


6. Flexible Filters: Angular JS comes with flexible filters that offer better refinement in the web development process. Filters make certain changes to transform the data from raw to a refined one. For instance, filters may add pagination to the web page or may transform the format of the texts or numbers to make them appear more proper or meaningful. Just like directives, filters in Angular JS are dedicated to data transformation.  


7. POJO: Enabling POJO (Plain Old JavaScript Object), Angular JS provides superior flexibility in functions. By offering all the necessary Java Script functionalities when it comes to object manipulation, POJO ensures the developer doesn’t need to use any extra getter and setter functions. Also, Plain Old JavaScript Object allows the developer to add and remove properties from the objects.


Choosing the most effective framework is the first and foremost step of web development. The web developer will help you understand more about the entire process while planning for the website. We recommend our clients to opt for Angular JS development  as this framework is the most advanced and convenient in most cases. As an Angular JS development agency, we specialize in providing Angular development outsourcing services. With a team of skilled professionals, we excel in providing web development to our reputed national and overseas clients. Contact us for the best Angular developer today!