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Massive Task Management Application

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Massive Task Management Application

Overview of Task Closet

Task Closet is very simple and free task management application. Now a days, It is the first preference of many organizations to manage multiple projects in an organized and simplified manner. You can easily plan your project, divide the whole work into task groups, tasks group into tasks, assign them, take update work from others, upload files, give comments and reply in user friendly dashboard. It is one of the best task management tool as well as project management application with 10k+ active users.

Massive Task Management Application

Technology Stack

  •  angularJS development
  • Node.js Development Company
  • MongoDB Outsourcing
  • Redis

Project Synopsis

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  • Create a unique application to track each section of Project Management

Simple workflow with bunch of functionalities

Different admin features for evaluate team performance

Easy Task notification through mail

Enable time estimation feature to ensure project deadline

Creating unique Issue tracking & performance evaluation concept.

Android & iOS application


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  • Implementing a unique idea for performance monitoring.
  • Managing unlimited organizations.
  • Finding KPI factors to identify the most and least efficient staffs.
  • Managing unlimited subtasks.
  • Android app creation using Preventing attacks from flooding unlimited action permitted areas and more.
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  • Unique Issue tracking concept for performance monitoring

Workflow of app is simple & can be used by anyone

Comprehensive reporting to identify Who are free, doing great or mistakes etc

Complex architecture to handle huge data without hampering performance

Top security to prevent attacks like Mail Spamming,Ddos etc

High level encryption

Auto scaling, DB replication, mongo sharding & top techniques implementation

Proper deployment & monitoring tools


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Key Features of Task Closet

Simple & Effective Application
Simple & Effective Application
Task closet is simple but very effective project, team, as well as project management tool. It could help structuring your organizational work, meet deadlines, track performance & much more than you are thinking!
Analyse Team Performance
Analyse Team Performance
We have brought unique concept of raising Issue or Reopen any completed task to monitor quality of work & modification of work process.
Simple Workflow
Simple Workflow
Create to-do lists for all the work you need to do, assign tasks, and set due dates. Task closet will follow up on overdue tasks for you.

Highlights of the Task Closet

Taskcloset mobile app
Taskcloset mobile application key features
  • Top-notch professional UI
  • Very fast loading
  • Push notification
  • Easy navigation
  • User friendly company switching
  • Easy task status tracking
Taskcloset Web Application
Taskcloset Web Application
  • Angular app for best user experience
  • Real time notification
  • DDOS & Top attack prevention
  • AWS SES email to ensure delivery
  • International SEO tricks for public pages
  • Unique Issue tracking concept
  • Comprehensive reports

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