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Million visitors news portal development

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Million visitors news portal development

Overview of DhakaTribune

The Dhaka Tribune is a national English-language daily newspaper published in Dhaka Bangladesh. It has print and online versions with readers both in Bangladesh and internationally. This newspaper also published in Bengali language named as “Dhaka Tribune বাংলা”.In the beginning of 2018, their top technical team members have met us & took consultation regarding the current issues they were facing; We have provided a complete solution for Application development, Cloud hosting, digital marketing, Attack prevention & many crucial matters to enrich the platform.

Million visitors news portal development

Technology Stack

  •  angularJS development
  • Node.js Development Company
  • MongoDB Outsourcing
  • Redis

Project Synopsis

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  • News portal was comparatively slow.
  • Freequent server down & very slow performance during high load.
  • Looking for fast loading CMS solution.
  • Links for official websites of the watches
  • SEO ranking improvement in google search.
  • Native Android & IOS application development.
  • Protection from Brute force, DOS, Url interpretation etc. like severe attacks.
  • Huge database and media migration.
  • Auto back up solution.
  • Very huge data storing concern for long run.
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  • Handling huge traffic.
  • No downtime.
  • Application performance.
  • Optimizing Server Costing
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  • Node-based solution to ensure both load handling and SEO
  • Angular based backend very fast CMS solution.
  • MongoDB database to handle big data.
  • Redis caching technique to reduce server load to a huge extent.
  • Android app creation using google preferred platform "Kotlin".
  • Handling both English & Bengali languages using single app.
  • Native IOS app creation with "SWIFT" language.
  • VPN, Firewall, MVC, CDN, Auto back up etc. implementation likewise world's top tech choice.
  • Notes: Both IOS and Android Apps are in beta phase & will be available in live store soon.
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Key Features of DhakaTribune

Excellent Performance
Excellent Performance
Using a combination of top-notch technologies along with the Redis cache system, the website has been made super-fast even during very high traffic.
Zero Downtime
Zero Downtime
Using advanced security mechanisms, zero downtime was ensured during high traffic and DDOS attacks on 99.99% of occasions.
Dynamic Contents & Cache System
Dynamic Contents & Cache System
You can easily manage every section of the website from the admin panel. You can use drag-and-drop features to control the items in the Megamenu and customize the navigation. The default structure is created automatically, but you can change it as you like. Common areas such as Mega Menu, Footer, Just In, and so on use Redis caching to reduce the load on the main database.
Scaling & DB Replications
Scaling & DB Replications
With auto-scaling, the load is distributed in a smart way, and read scaling is achieved at the MongoDB server level to ensure high-level read performance.
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Client Says About us

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small_quote_left I've worked with IDIOSYS for many years as a client on many different projects ranging from web design and coding to mobile app design and coding. They were always accessible to assist every step of the way, very knowledgeable, and professional. I would highly recommend them !! small_quote_right

Md. Abir Bin Azad Tushar, Manager

Highlights of the DhakaTribune

Digital Marketing Leading  SEO Company
Dhakatribune Website Key Features
  • Super fast loading
  • DDOS & Top attacks prevention
  • Best standard SEO tricks
  • Top caching technique
  • Node based visitors solution
  • Angular backend ensuring fastest entry
  • Very huge data & media migration
  • Massive visitors handling capacity
Dhakatribune hosting
Dhakatribune Application Cloud hosting key features
  • VPN
  • Auto failover Redis caching
  • Mongo replication
  • Auto scaling
  • Mongodb ops manager
  • PM2 monitoring
  • Auto back up
  • AWS S3 media hosting
  • AWS SES email
  • Deployment with Tag release
Dhaka Tribune SEO profile
Dhakatribune SEO
  • Keyword research
  • Google top 3 ranking for 30+ keywords
  • International & local ranking
  • Boosting organic visitors to 3x- 5x times

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