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04 Aug, 2023

Next.js is the first choice of many developers when it comes to building advanced web applications. The number of features it has can beat any other open-source framework for creating SEO-friendly websites and apps that are interactive and fast-loadable. So, if you want to hire Next JS developer for your website or application development, here are a few factors that you must prioritize to boost SEO performance.


Scroll down to know the 5 main reasons for choosing only Next.js to improve your website SEO performance! But before that, we’ll quickly explain what Next.js is all about in the field of web and app development.


What is Next.js?


Released in 2016, Next.js is one of the most popular web and app designing frameworks today. Based on React, this framework ensures the speedy and high-quality performance of websites and applications. The main reason for choosing Next.js over any other framework is server-side rendering, which makes sites or apps render on the server way faster than they appear on the browser. Another excellent feature of Next.js is the scope for SEO optimization. Now, we will explore all the reasons why you must choose Next.js for boosting the SEO performance of your website.


5 Reasons to hire Next JS developer and Boost Website SEO Performance


1. Static Site Generation: The first benefit of using Next.js for your SEO activities is that the framework enables SSG (Static Site Generation). It means that all the static HTML files are generated by Next.js for each page of your website. As a result, Google and other search engines can easily find your site and evaluate your content. Moreover, your visitors are also impressed with the results and your pre-built site performs faster and better than many other websites.


2. Server-Side Rendering: Web development frameworks either render web pages in the browser or on the server itself depending on their configuration or features. The biggest advantage of choosing Next.js is SSR (Server-Side Rendering), which allows the search engines to quickly index sites based on the availability of their HTML content on the server. Hence, SEO optimization becomes really easy as well as your site improves its visibility and ranking on the SERPs.


3. SEO Optimization Tools: One of the best SEO optimization tools that Next.js offers is built-in meta tags that you can customize and provide SEO meta information. It also offers automatic canonical URLs, Open Graph tags and more features to optimize your page on search engines and improve its visibility. Structured data helps you to maintain the SEO performance of your site in the long run. For these reasons, you need to hire dedicated developer who can accelerate the power of Next.js to build a fully optimized site for your business.


4. Image Optimization: Another way Next.js improves the performance of your site is by supporting automatic image optimization. This technique refers to the optimization of images on your site for appearing in appropriate quality and size. Once you get a visitor, the quick upload of images can provide him or her with an excellent navigating experience. Hence, the performance of your site on the search engine result pages and ranking are also bound to enhance.


5. Code Splitting: A lot depends on the loading speed of websites, which can either satisfy the visitors or completely ruin their experience. Needless to say, it can ultimately hamper the SEO performance and ranking of your site. But, no worries if you use Next.js, which is equipped with an automatic code-splitting feature. This special feature breaks down the larger codes and speeds up the loading time of websites. Once you take advantage of this framework, you can hire SEO agency to implement the best practices.


Next.js is one such essential framework that comes with the most comprehensive features for the improvement of the SEO performance of websites. The above 5 reasons for choosing this framework shouldn’t be overlooked as these can help you reach a huge number of customers online.


So, now that you’re planning to hire Next JS developer who knows the ins and outs of this advanced framework, look no further. We at Idiosys Technologies comprise a team of highly experienced coders and web developers, who have been working with diverse industries. We can help you find the most customizable web solution for your business. To know more about our range of web development, app development and SEO services, contact us right away!


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