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10 May, 2021

Web development worldwide is getting advanced each day. Today, we have some of the best web development platforms such as Node Js and JavaScript. There is a huge tug of war between these two platforms and here, we will explain both to show you the best one for your business. Based on our review, you can hire Node Js developer or JavaScript developer.

What is more useful for your business- Node.js or Java? Is there a huge difference between them or are these quite similar when it comes to functionality? If there are many differences, what are these? Without any further ado, let’s take an in-depth look into the main features and purposes of these two most popular frameworks.

Node.JS- an Overview: As a JavaScript code execution environment, Node.JS is quite popular among programmers. It requires Chrome V8, which is basically a JavaScript engine for translating JavaScript calls into machine code. Introduced in 2009, by American developer Ryan Dahl, this platform mainly focused on events. While the other platforms mainly focused on one thread for each connection, this one had its main purpose in building scalable network servers. Since then, the platform has gone through much advancement to become a stand-alone command-line tool today. The platform definitely excels in developing fast and scalable applications. Below are the reasons for choosing Node.JS for your business.

1. Node.JS has the ability to use the same language on both the client and server-side.

2. Node.JS provides excellent speed of working.

3. It provides a huge number of free tools.

4. It allows you to create lightweight applications.

5. There is an opportunity to use JavaScript syntax.

6. There is better efficiency and overall developer productivity.

Many areas are there where Node.JS is extensively used. Some of these are- collectors and translators, batch processing and deferred processing scenarios, scripts, CLI (command-line interfaces), document generation delayed report generation, web applications and SPA servers, crawlers, parsers, and data collection, microcontroller programming etc. To hire Node Js developers, scroll down.

JavaScript- an Overview: As an object-oriented programming language, Java was initiated in 1991 by Patrick Naughton and James Gosling. These two Sun Microsystems engineers named the language as Oak at the beginning. Today, Java is known as the world’s most influential and widely-used programming language. Since it is a high-level programming language, it can be used in solving general problems of any type. Competition is growing as there are more advanced languages coming up, but Java is still providing a number of benefits to the users. Below are the reasons for choosing JavaScript language for web development.

1. Java allows you to reuse objects in other programs

2. Java makes writing, reading and maintenance easier

3. Java supports a vast number of libraries

4. You can also work with it from any computer

5. There is a Security Manager that allows you to specify access rules

6. You can start a Java application on Windows and compile it on other platforms

There are many areas where Java is extensively used. Some of these are- android applications, server applications in financial services, web applications, software tools, trading applications, j2me applications, embedded systems, high-frequency trading spaces, scientific applications etc.

Below are some fundamental differences between Node.JS and JavaScript.

1. Node.JS is a server platform for working with JavaScript whereas JavaScript is a programming language.

2. Node.JS performance is comparatively lower than JavaScript.

3. Node.JS is lightweight than Java and can be used to maintain lightweight tasks.

4. Node.JS is compatible with frameworks such as Express.js, Sails.js,, Partial.js etc whereas Java is compatible with frameworks such as Spring, Struts, JSF, Hibernate, Tapestry etc.

The end of comparison between Node.JS and JavaScript shows us that each has its advantages and disadvantages. Though Java is an older, universal language, Node.JS is speedy and lightweight. Moreover, Node.JS is used in many areas.

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