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search engine optimization
20 Jul, 2016

Web standards rise continually, changing our expectations towards a website. We want to find information quickly, want to socialize, want to get entertained, and want all of it to happen on a personal level. To make designing efficient and attractive websites  our  web developer use a wide range of engaging media. Web developer use image, video, info-graphic as an engaging media in webpage. In the term of using engaging media Images play an important role to make a attractive web page . Images deliver a powerful message and play an important part in brand building.


Web visitor likes images more than text. Visual information is very convenient. Instead of reading a lot of text, which takes time and effort, we rather quickly scan an image or a graph. Then, images can trigger all sorts of emotions and memories, which makes them very engaging. Also, a lot of web visitor can better memorize visual information and often it’s easier to share than written content. At last, images can cross language barriers a lot better than text can. A small image can express thousand words in a moment. So when using images in your web page make sure that the images are according with your service and product. When use an image keep in mind it's position. Images should be placed close to the related text. The text beside the image will be perceived better by the viewers of the page. Improper positioning of images will make the website confusing for the visitor.


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Not only a image, but it's Size, Dimension and Resolution are also very important in professional web page design. Size refers to the file size while dimension refers to the height and width of the image. Smaller files load faster. If the image is saved at a higher resolution and is forcibly resized to fit a small space it will result in increased load times and your web page can effected. So when using make sure that dimension and resolution of the image are appropriate.


Generally three kinds of image files can be used in a webpage. They can be jpeg, gif or png. Jpeg files can be considerably compressed to lower sizes without losing the display quality. Gif files are even lower quality used for mini icons. png are now used as alternatives to gif file types. Make sure that text is not embedded into images unless absolutely necessary.


Search Engines not only crawl the text content on webpage also search for keywords in the image files. Hence, using a plain descriptive text for naming images will increase its possibility to appear in the Image search listing page. Alt texts are alternatives to the images when they cannot be displayed by the browser. An optimized All tags add SEO value to an image. In fact using of alt tags is the best away to optimize an image.Image optimization can be directed towards achieving two goals  for better Search Engine Optimization of the Website and for better design aesthetics.