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citations on local search ranking
17 Aug, 2018

Today, keeping up with the competition is really difficult and there are multiple parameters in online web marketing that need to be managed properly on a regular basis. If you are about to create a website of your company or already own a website, SEO service is what you need to beat all your competitors out there. Among all the SEO techniques, citation is a master key that can help you reach out to new local customers. Let us know about the citation and its process in detail.


1. What is citation?


It is the mention of a company’s identity on the internet. Citation refers to the mentioning of company identity on search engines where as local citation refers to the presence of the company information on the online directories. It is a combination of the company name, contact number, postal address and many more information.

Citation is very important in search engine optimization as it helps the users to locate a company that provides the service they are opting for. Now let us know about the different parts of a citation. Search engines like Google can detect the authenticity of a citation by verifying it.


2. What are the elements or parts of a citation?


The first part of a citation is the name of the company. The second part is its contact number. The third is the postal address and the fourth is the link to company website. There is no strict obligation of filling up all the parameters and the users can choose to provide information according to their own purpose.  Some companies only mention their name and contact number where as some provide all the fields of information.


3. How will citation improve a website’s local search ranking?


Citation can enhance the brand awareness  by optimizing the website to the search engines and directories. Whether you have a company website or not, citation always helps in providing information about your company to all the online consumers. When someone is searching for the related service that your company provides, the contact information automatically appears on the search engine. The more accurate the information is, the chances of showing your name on the top get higher. As a proven result, all the companies that have citation have received more visitors than those who don’t have citation.


When it comes to the local search optimization, the process of organic search helps the internet users to find the local business providers or companies on the search result. Local search is important in presenting yourself as one of the pioneers in your service to the local customers. The local search optimization technique is comparatively easier than the other SEO techniques that are mostly paid services. For the search engines, it is quite logical that the companies who mention their presence in a better way on the internet deserve higher ranking. After the verification process by the search engine is accomplished, the citation shows its result.


The SEO experts and web developers know the most effective ways to create and manage citation. For all the business companies that focus more on local marketing, citation visibly shows an improved website traffic and purchase rate.


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