YII based applications
19 Feb, 2018

YII stands for ‘Yes It Is’ and is an open-source component based PHP web application framework written in PHP5. The questions arise were,’ Is the framework fast and secure?’ ‘Is it feasible for the next project?’  ‘Will it give professional results?’ And the only answer to all these questions are, ‘Yes It Is’. And this is how it gets its name YII

Yii stands out because it supports rapid development, and promotes clean DRY designs. Yii offers the breadth of everything with a few limitations, and high performance package. The extremely impressive performance of this framework when compared to other PHP based frameworks immediately caught the attention of developers and became popular, and grown to an ever increasing rate.

Highly Extensible

It is very easy to edit or customize the YII based applications, since it has a very simple code structure. You can also use different kinds of extensions and widgets as per the requirements.

Rapid Development

Yii generates all the basic CRUD operations thereby providing web applications running in no time. It not only helps us in developing the application faster, but also maintains the application design of the application as recommended by Yii. It also ensures greater security of the applications.

Easy to Install

Time is extremely precious for the web developers, and no one wants to spend that precious time waiting for complicated installations and configurations. PHP Yii is an easy to install framework without much hassle and troubles.

Easy Data Migration

The migration utility provides reasonable control over the database changes, which helps in upgrading and downgrading application version on different installations.

Utilize Modern Technologies

This pure OOP framework takes advantage of some of the more advanced features of PHP, which includes SPL classes and interfaces, late static binding, and anonymous functions.

Simplifies Security

Proper security is essential for any web application and this is where Yii can help you.Yii has a security application component that exposes several methods to help assist in creating a more secure application.

Shorten Development Time

The repetitive task in most of the projects is something that no one wants to waste time with. There are a few tools in Yii to help you spend less time on those tasks, and more time customizing your application to suit the needs of your client. One of the most powerful tool among these is “Yii’, which a web-based code tool. This allows you to quickly create code templates for Forms, Extensions, Models, Extensions, Models, etc.

Being a good framework, Yii genuinely helps in creating modern web applications, and ensure that all of them perform well. It does a lot of heavy lifting for you by creating testable and secure websites for you. Most of the features can be modified according to the needs and requirements of the user.

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