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06 Feb, 2019

Web development is not as complicated as it seems, thanks to the newly advanced PHP base frameworks that have transformed the overall experience of web developing into a pleasant one as the developer can now deliver a faster, smoother and high-end performance. Developing a complex website within a short span of time is now made possible with the help of PHP frameworks. When it comes to the ecommerce development, PHP frameworks have proved to be the best. Hence, if you are planning to create a new e-commerce website for your company, the developer will surely recommend you one of the PHP frameworks available.


Most of the highly skilled and experienced developers across the world agree to the fact that Yii framework is no doubt one of the most convenient and acclaimed when it comes to developing e-commerce websites. So, before you opt for the Yii framework for your business e-commerce website, it is important to know about all the salient features of this PHP framework that would benefit you and your developer in the long run. These eight excellent features, making Yii a superior one when it comes to both functionality and budget, will surely ensure you to opt for this one for your e-commerce website.


Yii refers to ‘Yes it is!’ and just as the name claims, the yii Framework development experience has proven to be a superior one as compared to the other frameworks available, according to many developers. Yii is one of the oldest PHP frameworks. It was launched in 2008 and since the inception; the Yii framework has shown a huge transformation only to let the user have a better experience. The modified and last updated version of Yii is ‘Yii 2.0’, which is smoother and better than the old Yii framework. One of the best features that the Yii 2 is equipped with is its code generator tool named Gii, which ensures to fulfill almost all requirements of a modern web application development. As Yii allows maximum reusability of web programming, developing large scale applications in a rapid time span is possible.


The eight salient features of Yii, making it the most suitable for your e-commerce website, are described below:


1. Extension Repository: Every component of Yii can be used by the developer according to the need of a specific task. The modular component design of Yii has its extension repository, which is open to include the components written by the user. These components can later fit very easily into the framework. Hence, the addition of any new function in your e-commerce store becomes easier.


2. MVC Architecture: MVC stands for Model View Controller. In MVC, the model maintains the data. View operates in displaying the data where as the controller creates the connection between the model and view. Implementing the most popular programming architecture MVC, Yii makes it easier for the developer to change and modify separate parts of the program without any further modification of the rest. This makes developing a complicated e-commerce website simple and faster than ever.


3. Data Access Objects (DAO): Perhaps one of the best features available in Yii, data access objects provides an inclusive API code to access data, which is stored in multiple database management systems. This simplifies the task of changing the used database management system to a new one without any need to change the code of the DAO. Hence, there is no need to write SQL queries every time in the process of development.


4. Detailed Documentation: As compared to all the other frameworks, Yii is integrated with a detailed documentation system. Every single property or method is documented in an organized manner in Yii. The developers who are learning Yii can easily comprehend the process with access to the various numbers of tutorials available online.


5. High website speed: The website speed is enhanced as Yii is equipped with an advanced catching system. This framework comes with different catching components for different scenarios. As a result, this feature helps in a fast page loading of the website, which is very important to engage the customers in your e-commerce store.


6. Secured Websites: Yii ensures high security for your website by implementing the most advanced security measures. This prevents the website from getting attacked or affected by the SQL injection, cross-site request forgery (CSRF), cross-site scripting (XSS) and cookie tampering. This feature of Yii has made it one of the most reliable frameworks for a huge number of users. However, manipulation of the authorization system is also possible according to the requirement of the client.


7. Form Validation: One of the essential parts of a website is working with form and its validation. In Yii, form validation can be done by connecting the forms with models or database tables. Moreover, the users can set their own validation rules for model according to the specific project they are working on. If a validation rule is set with a user name, any form submitted with an empty user name field will automatically show up as an error. Also, Yii enables various widgets to help in the process of collecting the form input.


8. Rapid Development Time: Yii is integrated with AJAX enabled widgets like a tree view, data grid, auto-complete input and many more. This strengthens Yii’s AJAX  and jQuery support. The user can easily send AJAX reports with the AJAX buttons that are inbuilt in Yii. These tools help the developer to develop a website really fast without making any error. The templates for model, form, extension etc. make the web development fast and properly organized.


All the features mentioned above along with many others like error handling, extensive library, testing etc. make Yii the most preferred one among the developers for creating advanced e-commerce websites. Yii can easily handle all the PHP notices, warnings and the user can raise exceptions whenever required. The extensive library offered by Yii can be used to include components contributed by multiple users. The best part is that Yii is budget friendly, hence can be a worthy choice for making your first e-commerce store.


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