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CodeIgniter for your Web Development
09 Feb, 2022

The advancement in the world of web development has made it possible to increase revenues based on an online presence. For this reason, there has been a high demand for web developers across the globe who can create feature-rich and scalable apps and sites. If you are an entrepreneur who’s looking for Codeigniter development for your business project, you need to know certain aspects of this framework to make the most of it. Hence, we are going to show you some valid reasons for which you can consider the Codeigniter app or web development. Without any further ado, let’s first tell you what Codeigniter is all about and what are its salient features.

• What is CodeIgniter?

Introduced in 2016, CodeIgniter framework is one of the oldest PHP frameworks known for being extremely light in weight. It is an advanced framework that offers dynamic website development. Simplified coding owing to the strategic structure of this framework is one of the best features that make CodeIgniter the most popular choice among developers. Built with MVC architecture, CodeIgniter has an extremely easy configuration and for this reason, beginners can easily operate this even in the initial days.
Prebuilt modules and real fast performance are two other advantages of using the CodeIgniter framework. Moreover, CodeIgniter features a large community full of prompt developers who remain active to assist at any moment. Other salient features of this framework are MIT license, MVC architecture, security tools, coding library, huge PDO support, organized database drivers and a lot more. If you want a high end secured website, the CodeIgniter framework makes the best choice among other MVC frameworks.

• Salient Features of CodeIgniter:

1. MVC architecture
2. Superior Error Handling
3. Simplified Coding
4. Excellent Documentation
5. Huge PDO support
6. Organized Database Drivers

• Why Choose CodeIgniter for your Web Development?

Now, we are going to explain all the benefits of using the CodeIgniter framework.

1. Secure Framework: As we’ve mentioned above, CodeIgniter is a secure framework to work on. If you hire Codeigniter developer for your project, the person will tell you how important it is for any developer to seek enhanced security. In CodeIgniter, there are lots of security-rich functions along with inbuilt functionalities for output and input filtering. The decryption and encryption process is really helpful for the developers to manage data during installation.

2. Superior Testing Facilities: The testing characteristic of CodeIgniter is step-by-step, which makes the latest version of it superior to the rest of the Hypertext Preprocessor frameworks. It is extremely beneficial for the developers as they built feature-rich web applications. As a result, the developers are able to easily scrutinize the functions and circulate the latest approaches, which makes sure the level will be higher in the upcoming web app development projects.

3. Simpler Configuration: Since CodeIgniter uses linear arrangement, the folder set-up of this framework is freely usable. Hence, while using this framework, one can easily streamline the PHP syntax. There are minimal chances of complex schemes when it comes to syntax errors during the web development process with CodeIgniter. Moreover, the entire process speeds up due to this amazing feature of the CodeIgniter framework.

4. Easy to Use: Owing to the modest interface of the CodeIgniter framework, the model view controller framework is quite simple to use, learn and modify. Since CodeIgniter is an open-source framework, anyone can use it for free without any prior permission. With this framework, one can easily make configurations to match the needs and preferences of the clients. If some modifications are required in future, CodeIgniter makes sure they can be easily incorporated.

5. Excellent Documentation: The process of referring and managing codes is aided by documentation and that’s why it’s an important feature of any framework that the developers look up to. Documentation also helps the developers when it comes to setting future references. The codes have crucial documentation, which CodeIgniter ensures preserving well and that too in a simple way. This is why CodeIgniter is the first choice for most developers.

6. Fewer Codes: CodeIgniter makes sure one can use fewer codes to see maximum results. As one of the most popular frameworks for web development, CodeIgniter ensures that the developers can write fewer codes. No need for third-party libraries when developing web apps with the CodeIgniter framework. Plus, this framework speeds up the coding process owing to fewer codes. Hence, CodeIgniter is the perfect option if you want quick app development.

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