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advantages of Angular JS
02 Feb, 2018

As we know technology change every seconds. Web development industry got such a change as Angular JS come as a new MVC base framework. We all know about the popularity of Angular JS among the JavaScript frameworks. In a very less time it has become a favourite framework among front-end developers for creating feature-rich, simple yet attractive websites.
Now there is a question why it is so popular? And what are the major advantages of Angular js? In this article we are discussing about the major advantages of Angular JS.

1. The benefits of MVC architecture: AngularJS counts on MVC architecture to develop different web applications. One need to split an app for implementing MVC and the rest is managed by AngularJS itself. In MVC stands for Model view controller. Models are responsible to maintain all the data. The View aims to display the important data, whereas the Controller aims to bridge the gap between View and Model.

2. Acts as a declarative code style: The Declarative paradigm is mainly used for building patterns in AngularJS. It helps in making the codes more lightweight and also makes it easier to read and support, as the declarative paradigm describes all the necessary steps with a greater ease.


3. Easy to use: Backed by its reach features, AngularJS makes web development a way easier procedure by minimizing the need for writing codes. Hence, the user does not need to write setters and getters for implementing the important data models. Since directives are not the integral parts of app code, they can be easily managed by other team working parallel. Each of these things helps mitigates the necessity for writing codes.

4. Expanded community base: AngularJS obtains a huge community (Google+) which comprises of a highly talented core development team that boasts an expertise in improving the nitty-gritty of an open-source framework. This apart, the conferences devoted to AngularJS take place across the globe and is discussed by various IT hubs. So, finding ample resources on AngularJS is not a big deal!

5. A complete client-side solution: AngularJS functions, particularly on the client side. Hence, it becomes extremely compatible with both the mobile as well as desktop browsers. Also, it can be used for any project, since there is no requirement for the backend modifications.


6. An uncomplicated testing: Several parts of the application, which are placed into AngularJS are easy to manipulate. Module separation enables the users to load only the required services and perform automatic testing with a huge ease.

There are no such things called as the best framework. However, when we look at the advantages of Angular, it’s hard to resist yourself not to use it. It’s made and maintained by Google. Moreover, Angular JS serves as a robust framework for developing apps and offers users a very engaging experience. So, why not choose this for your dream project?