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Best 5 steps to convert iOS app to android app
30 Jul, 2021

You are searching for how to convert the iOS app to an Android app probably because your business is experiencing growth. With the help of a mobile app development company, you can surely make it happen. However, before you opt for a service, you must know how it works. Knowing the basic elements of iOS to Android app conversion can help you to hire the right team for your business app development. Here, we will share the five best steps to convert an iOS app to an Android app for your better understanding.


Starting a project with one platform is a good the idea for startups, who want to survey the market first and then expand according to the result. A very good example would be Instagram, which started as an iOS app that only Apple users could access. Once they established their brand and became immensely popular, they developed an Android version of the app. There are thousands of more examples if you do a little research. So, the point is, you are making the right decision.


However, before you hire app developers, you must know some basic differences between iOS and Android apps.


Here are some major differences:


  • Programming Language: Most Android apps are developed with Java and Kotlin whereas iOS apps are developed with Swift.


  • Design: iOS app development follows a different design strategy than Android app development. Also, there are differences in design interfaces for both platforms.


  • Monetization: Android apps mostly depend upon ad monetization, whereas iOS apps have a different strategy. Most iOS apps are purchased apps.


  • Target Audience: Characteristics of the audiences play an important role in app development. The iOS app market is different in various ways from the Android app market.


  • Development Time: iOS and Android app development can have different timelines depending upon the volume of the app and various other aspects.


  • 5 Steps to Convert your iOS App into an Android App:


  1. Know App Requirements: For every action, there must be a solid plan and your Android app development is no exception. You can start converting your iOS app to an Android app by knowing your app requirements, which is the plan we are referring to. While converting an iOS app into an Android app, the developers usually collect and analyze the materials from the existing app. They study the app design, features and source code in detail and then come up with a plan. You can assist the team by helping them to find out your requirements or expectations from the app. Also, you need to find out the potential for app improvement.

  2. Choose App Functionality: As you check the potential for app improvement, you need to check for app optimization methods. Secondly, by analyzing business logic, you need to apply it to the new project. Thirdly, you need to check and approve the app compatibility with different frameworks. If these tasks seem too difficult to apply, you can take help from the developers. Some other crucial tasks in this step include market analysis, WBS, project mind-map, code review and design review, which usually the team of developers handle.

  3. App Design: The third step that your Android the app development company will initiate is adjusting the design for app porting. Since the team has to do everything from scratch, they usually change the UI and layout of the app. Common mistake developers do is copying the UI of the iOS app. The app look, feel and navigation get hampered due to this mistake. Hence, you need to make sure that your team invests some time and effort to adjust the UI instead of copying the existing UI. Additionally, they need to modify the font of the app, making it appear simple yet attractive to Android users.

  4. Coding and Tailoring Architecture Components: We have mentioned above why it is so important to work from scratch while converting an iOS app to an Android app. As Android app development requires a completely different coding language than iOS, the developers need to check compatibility while converting the app components. Plus, there are third party integrations, external solutions and libraries that can help you and your team.

  5. App Testing and Final Launch: If all the steps mentioned above are done correctly, the next step that you should initiate is app testing. It is a process that helps you to understand the functionality of the app. It helps you to find out the loopholes that can reduce app functionality and every other flaw that you could improve. If your app testing gets you a flawless result, you can move towards app launch. Most Android apps available on the Play Store are free downloadable. You can invest in an ad marketing strategy after a successful launch.


Now that you know the five crucial steps to convert an iOS app to an Android app, go ahead and hire a well-known app development company. If you are looking for one, you can feel free to get in touch with us. We at Idiosys Technologies provide Android and iOS app development services to a huge number of clients across the globe. Since our team of highly skilled and experienced developers know the ins and outs of both Android and iOS development, we can be the best partner in converting your iOS app to Android and vice versa. With more than ten years of experience, our app development team has been offering services to clients from the UK, the USA, India, Japan, Panama, Bangladesh and Australia. So, why wait anymore? Contact us today to get the best deal we have in store for you!