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card layout design
30 Nov, 2016

The online words change in every second, for the last few years web design adapted many changes in the core sector of web design. In recent time the increasing number of mobile user make a huge impact on web designs, a large of web visitors comes from mobile searches. For that reason professional web developer and web development companies adapted new designing concept in web design. Now in web design industry Card Layout is very trendy.


On the web today from news sites to real estate, cards are everywhere. Those little rectangles full of inclusive images and text have been so successful in latest web design.  This is almost become a default option when it comes to balancing clear aesthetics with simple usability design, a short rectangular shape design with a shorter description, review and sharing option attract visitors quickly. Those are the key points to choose card layout designs.


The use of cards base layout in the UI is an excellent symbol since they look like real-world tangible cards. Before mobile devices, they were always all around us?—?business cards, invitation card, gift cards, playing cards and so forth. Cards spreading any information pretty widely, it is more natural for users to know that these cards are representing piece of content just like in real life. Cards are a great tool for communicating quick stories. Playing card is a good example from real-life objects. The basic information you needed to know about a player is contained on both sides of a small card.  By using card layouts is very easy to share maximum information in a glimpse.


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Cards divide content into meaningful sections which occupies less screen space. Similar to the way text paragraphs group sentences into distinct sections, cards can gather various pieces of information to form one coherent piece of content. In card design, equality is everything. Each card carries equal weight, so there’s no need to meticulously optimize all the content.


Card-based design usually heavy relies on visuals. And going heavy on images is the strength of card-based design. Different analysis confirm that images elevate site or app design, because images draw the user’s eye efficiently and immediately. The emphasis on using images makes card-based design more attractive to users.


With the growing popularity of social media, it is expected that more and more number of social media platforms will adopt the card design trope for easy content consumption. Cards will surely turn out to be the new creative canvas helping businesses to aggregate pieces of content together and offer users with an enhanced experience.


The style is nice for latest web design, but usability should always be your top priority. Keep your cards clean and easy to read. Avoid fancy fonts and focus on call to actions. Always use a clean layout that is simple to understand and easy to navigate. Web visitors always prefer simple but topic oriented informative web page. Proper combination of design & content makes a website more popular card layouts help you to do this easily.