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10 Jan, 2018

Nowadays global trend is that most of the people may have not seen the desktop version of certain websites, as they access the web only through their smart phones. Hence, to cover all potential consumers, a website needs to be scalable across varying screen size for the best experience, both through looks and functions. Further, the content needs to be trimmed down to its most vital elements. In recent times, the main area of concern was what is to be trimmed and what is to be slid down. Two approaches available – one was to build a responsive design targeting specific devices; whereas, the second being starting out with a design for the mobile first, with gradual enhancements for larger platforms with fewer constraints.


Creating a website is not just to promote your business; it helps in creating brand awareness. In today’s world you need a website that run effectively run on smart phones, tablets, laptops, desktops. Hence to solve the issue of being able to view websites or content on all such devices effectively, we can use bootstrapping to make effective web page.


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Bootstrap is a front-end framework that is developed to support creating dynamic websites and web applications. It is one of the most preferred front-end frameworks as it aids an easy and fast processing to develop a website. It supports all major browsers and fast loading responsive web pages. Bootstrap consists of HTML and CSS-based design templates for various interface components and is aimed to ease web development. It supports the responsive web design and dynamically adjusts the layout of web pages by considering the characteristics of the device used.


In this article we are discuss about some advantage of Bootstrap as front end design frameworks.


1. Speed of Development:  The speed of development is one of its major advantages. If you want to develop an application or a website promptly, it is imperative to consider using Bootstrap. It helps to save your coding effort by offering less CSS functionality and pre-built blocks of code rather than structuring code from the scratch. Ready-made themes of Bootstrap will help achieve your needs through a faster route.


2. Responsiveness: According to a recent study, global mobile data traffic will increase approximately 11-fold between 2013 and 2018. This statistics points to the need for a responsive website in varied kinds of mobile devices.


Bootstrap is equipped with responsive layout and 12-column grid system that help dynamically adjust the website to a suitable screen resolution. The ‘responsive utility classes’ feature of Bootstrap enables you to hide / show a certain section of content for a particular screen size.


3. Consistency:  Bootstrap was developed with an idea to give developers a centralised development code. Bootstrap provides you the end result which is uniform across platforms. You don’t have to worry about compatibility issues with Internet Explorer, Google chrome or Firefox; it gives you the same performance independent of the platform.


4. Customizable:  Bootstrap facilitates abundant customization and helps developers in designing tailor made websites, according to their specifications. It has the facility to select any feature that is actually needed to create a customized website. With this feature, one can get rid of what they do not require.

Bootstrap helps to fix issues promptly with an immense support community. Bootstrap also releases continual updates to fix any new issues


Bootstrap is an awesome framework with rich features. It is the latest in innovation for responsive development and supports designing of websites and apps faster, easier and better.