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30 Jan, 2019

The dream of becoming one of the topmost brands can be easily achievable by following certain business strategies. These marketing strategies not only help in developing immense faith of your existing customers, but also introduce new customers to your brand, who start developing a habit to sticking to their choice. As one of the most important aspects, brand logo makes a very significant impact on the customers when they have their first glance on it. When the logo is creative and aesthetically appealing, it never fails to inspire the customers to follow your brand. Logo design services are provided by any logo design company who know about the parameters, pros and cons of logo design in detail.


A logo should primarily describe the brand name and its niche with its simplistic approach so that the viewer gets to know certain factors about the brands within the fraction of seconds once they have a quick glance at the logo. As we have already introduced the purpose of a brand logo in the introduction, here we will discuss about the various things that need to be kept in mind while designing your business logo. We have come up with 8 most important aspects or strategies of the logo design service that your brand logo must reflect.


1. Colour Psychology : Every brand have their own colour theme that describe their service perfectly. Colour is a very important aspect certain colours generate certain emotions, influence thinking, initiate reactions and stimulate hormones. Hence, the choice of theme colour is very important for any brand. As the customers start to recognize the brand by its colour, it is equally important to stick to the colour for years to come. All the topmost brands across the globe maintain the colour theme in their visual appearance through their logo. If the suitable colour theme of your company is yellow and blue, the same colour theme need to be portrayed in the logo.


2. Topography :  As one of the most important aspects, logo topography means the image that makes very much sense about your business. For instance, the curved ‘M’ in Mc Donalds logo, the Apple in Apple’s logo and the image of the punch in Micromax logo. Topography symbolizes the company mission and vision through a simple image that is designed while keeping in mind true aesthetic appeal. Hence, while designing your brand logo, explain the service properly to the designer and look for the visual image that comes to your mind instantly when you think of the particular service.


3. Fonts Size & Format : There are thousands of font formatting styles available and each depicts different fashion aspect. While creating a brand logo, the designer must have knowledge about these different styles and the purpose of using them. For instance, a fashion brand can have extremely stylized and avant-garde font style like ‘monotype corsiva’ in their logo where as a publishing agency will choose different style and format than the prior. When a logo contains brand name that starts with a gigantic font size and ends with very small ones, the designer needs to be careful about its purpose and impact.

4. Simplicity :  As we have discussed before, the purpose of a brand logo is to let everyone know the company name and understand the company profile. As the logo itself represents the service of the business, it works like a symbol in creating a visual memory that stays in the viewers mind. Hence, a logo must be simple and yet attractive so that the viewers can understand the meaning at a single glance. If the logo looks complex to too hard to interpret, most of the viewers won’t be able to understand the service. Portraying the company profile in a small visual image is indeed a difficult task, which is only successful when the logo looks simple and yet compact.


5. Uniqueness :  This is another crucial aspect that the brand logo needs to adhere to. A logo needs to be unique as it represents something that the other brands may not serve. This uniqueness and freshness of the service can be portrayed in the logo when it’s designed with clear imagination and perfect implementation of the whole concept.


6. Target Audience :  As one of the most important marketing strategies, logo design attracts its potential audiences through a visual representation of the brand name. Therefore, while designing the logo, one needs to know well about the target audiences. Based on the target audiences, the logo of a clothing brand will vary from a newspaper company.


7. Brand Vision : Envisioning the company profile through an image with minimum use of text is the work of the best logo designer. Different companies serve different purposes and the logo needs to represent its exclusive purpose in a simplified way. For instance, a wedding photography company would prefer fanciful logo where as any fitness studio will opt for bold fonts and design. Also, most of the well known companies try to feature their colour theme in their logo.

8. Technical Specifications : There are certain rules and specifications in all of the aspects discussed above. For instance, white is the most suitable colour on the logo background than any other colour. If the logo is used in offline marketing via printed ads like flexes or hoardings, any other background colour will disturb the view while white will highlight the design and help the viewer to have a very clear view.


If you are planning to create a new brand logo for your company, connecting to a logo design or a brand development company will be the most suitable option. As one of the topmost digital marketing companies providing creative business logo design service, we excel in designing brand logo along with various kinds of online and offline marketing services. Contact us today for our exclusive logo design service that is budget friendly.