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trendy business website design
03 Jul, 2018

Website designing is an ever evolving art that is taking a rapid transformation in 2018. The website design trends of 2017 have been outdated with the emergence of new trends. Some designs have been modified where as some have been introduced to this new era of digital design. Let us know about the most talked about designing trends that are aesthetically appealing as well as consumer friendly.


Mobile Friendly Design: The new era of technology shows that most of the viewers use smartphone as the browsing device and it is important to make the website mobile friendly so as to reach out to more people. Nowadays, the developers focus more on making the website mobile friendly and it should be at the top of your priority list too.


Layout & Formation: The first impression of visiting a website lies in its layout and here you can score high if you impress your viewers with a magnificent layout design. For those who want to experiment with the formation, geometric and graphical design patterns make suitable options and for those who prefer simplicity, grid layout makes an ultimate choice.


Chat Bots: Interaction with the visitors or clients is made easier with the chatbots, the automated chat system that lets the companies get the viewers responses, queries or FAQs. The developers of modern website design across the world have come up with interesting designs that are more interactive and impressive than the old chat bots.


Innovation in Images: Some of the most popular trends in images are illustration, colour layering, duotone and many more. While developing the image, developers are keen about the presentation and most of them are using the newly launched SVG Technology to make the rendition high when an image is magnified or zoomed.


Web Animation: It is needless to say that people of all age love animations. Web animation has the potential to be one of the best mediums for ad as these are fun and interactive. The viewers are never bored with animations and you can put as much information as you can in a skillfully designed animation in your website.


Crisp Content: Web content management is a part of the responsive website design. Using the custom CMS design and SEO techniques, developers are focused on making the content creative and crisp. Depending upon the target reader’s psychology, the content is designed so as to provide information in the most interactive and illustrative way.


Typography Aesthetics: Days are gone when there were very few options in typography to experiment with. Today’s trends are bold and artistic fonts in multiple colours that tend to the maximalist designing approach. Though bold is hot, sleek and elegant typography is not obsolete yet.


Floating Navigation: When it comes to the navigation, fixed navigations are old school for most of the advanced web developers. Floating navigation is the newest trend that not only looks dynamic, but also simplifies the scrolling experience of the viewer.


Focus on Customer Experience: While creating a company website, most of the companies leave a space to highlight the customer experience in the form of reviews and testimonials. These are a must have in a business website and can be designed in the simplest way so that the viewer is interested to read these at the first glance.


Ecommerce Strategies: Using innovative strategies is what most of the reputed ecommerce websites are focusing upon. The banner ads in the website are made most interesting with the captions of the latest offers. As the developers and designers observe, this trend is supposed to stay for the upcoming years.


Some of these web designing trends are going to stay in the limelight for at least two upcoming years. If you have been thinking of creating a website for your company, contact us today! We provide innovative and most convenient business website design service  at the best budget.